MUCH MORE THAN pristine shores, beach clubs, and spas with a sea view, the island of Bali has so much to teach those who are willing to learn - from environmental sustainability to social entrepreneurship. Join us to go further and deeper into this island paradise where there is much more than meets the eye!



Travel to the heart of the island of Bali, live in the middle of a national park that straddles the forest and the ocean, and gain a hands-on education in what it means to be a globally-aware steward of the environment - all while immersing yourself in the outdoors, from hiking in monsoon forests to snorkelling off a sacred island off Bali.


Come and explore a different side of the island - learn and gain inspiration from young local Balinese change-makers who are leading a wave of social entrepreneurship to address issues faced by the local community. These include sustainable waste management, community-based tourism, the inclusion of differently-abled people, and progressive early-childhood education.