Customise a Course

We understand that different institutions have different needs. Skillseed is more than happy to work with you to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Discover how we can adapt our courses for the following school programmes:

  • Values in Action 
  • Service Learning
  • Overseas Immersion
  • Skills-based Training
  • Career Preparation 
  • Experiential/Applied Learning 
  • Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) component of the IB programme
  • Field Trips to complement current academic courses


Customisation Options

Option 1: I would like my students to initiate their own programmes.

We, too, believe in giving students opportunities to have ownership over their projects. That said, we are also all too aware that poorly planned and executed projects may result in more harm than benefit to communities. One-off projects may also give students the wrong message - that it is permissible  to "use" communities for the purpose of fulfilling course requirements. Hence, we offer consulting and guidance services to prepare students for planning and managing their own programmes. This could include the following modules*: 

  • Pre-trip workshop in Ethics and Responsible Volunteering
  • Pre-trip workshop in Developmental Effectiveness
  • Programme-specific skills training by experts
  • Project management skills training (including introduction to project management tools)
  • Matching to our current community partners (priority given to schools and students who have worked with us in prior specialized programmes as we emphasize sustained relationships)
  • Impact tracking and reporting
  • Preparing reflection sessions and questions
  • Support in safety and risk assessments, recce trips, on-site logistics etc.

*Note: All these modules will be conducted locally. This option does not include the provision of facilitators for the trip. If you require trip facilitators, please consider a course from our catalogue instead.


Option 2: I am currently working with a community partner, but I am interested in finding out how we can improve on our programme or help rendered to them.

Working with community partners spanning multiple countries has given us plenty of insights. We would be happy to consult for your projects and give you our recommendations.


Option 3: I have an amazing idea for a completely new programme! But I can't do it by myself...

Occasionally we meet educators with fire in their eyes and wild ideas in their heads. If we have the capacity and if it's within our expertise, we relish the challenge of co-creating a programme that has never been done before. Talk to us on our experience in this area, and let us know in advance (at least one year!) if you are interested in embarking on this adventure together.


For pricing and other queries, simply leave us a message or email us at