beyond the surface of economic development 

JOIN US ON the ground to learn about sustainable community development from different angles, and examine how the forces behind public, private and people sectors interplay to affect sustainable social change. Work hand in hand with a local non-profit organisation to support their work in a local village and explore the perspectives of different stakeholders, the tensions between progress and sustainability, and the impact of development on communities.




de-mystifying development.

  • Through hands-on activities, learn about how culture, history and soft power can be leveraged for nation-building and development

  • Understand how state policies affect the welfare of citizens and communities via walking trails, talks, workshops, and discussions

  • Work alongside our NGO partners addressing community development through education, job creation, and service provision — find out why they strategically target these pillars and contribute your efforts to support their mission

  • Explore the role of tourism and globalisation in affecting how people at the bottom of the pyramid work, play, and live

  • Experience and appreciate the fullness of Cambodian culture and hospitality, and learn about the country's complex history while visiting several national treasures




Fees will differ according to your needs - please contact us for more information. All programs run with an organised group, with a minimum of 10 participants.

Fees typically include the following:

  • All accommodation & meals (socially responsible wherever possible)

  • Transport (includes ground transport and airport transfers, and excludes airfares - but flights between Singapore and Siem Reap can be booked via Skillseed upon request)

  • Entrance fees for attractions, workshops, and excursions

  • All course or project materials

  • Engaging experts & 24/7 experienced facilitators

Your investment in our courses enables Skillseed to further our social mission by empowering local communities through employment or job creation. It also also goes towards the development of future courses and journeys - we do intensive consultations and site visits with every partner organisation we work with. Finally, your support provides opportunities for past participants to further develop their skills and passions with us or our partner organisations.



Best suited for people who:

  • Are passionate about social change and sustainable development!

  • Are at least 15 years of age and in good health

  • Have no strict vegan diet requirements or severe allergies or debilitating allergies, and don't require prescription medicine that requires constant refrigeration

  • Are fluent in English (written & spoken)


Participants with the community
The best thing I have ever experienced was to communicate with the local people in the village. Because I kind of felt there [was] no barrier during the communication although we need a translator.
I guess many of us have this same stereotype of community work - you get your hands dirty and you’ll give, give, give and receive nothing...