inspire the next generation of Wildlife Champions

HOW DO WE stop the loss of wildlife in our planet? Can we understand them better to co-exist? Live out of a remote field house on the outskirts of a national park with its researchers in a truly immersive experience that will take you from the padi fields of the village to the vast national landscape of a national park in Sri Lanka - all while learning about the wildlife in Sri Lanka, the elephant-human conflict and how you might contribute to being champions for the wildlife we have on Earth.



  • Through stories, lectures and dialogues learn about the current threats and challenges involved in the protection of wildlife

  • Work alongside local conservationists, activists, and ground team, contribute to their impactful work on the ground

  • Engage in wildlife observations, understanding animal behavior and habitat patterns that conflict with development

  • Savour Sri Lankan culture and hospitality as you experience local food, culture and conversations with locals!

  • Connect your knowledge to experience and practice in this invaluable opportunity where the world is literally your classroom



Fees will differ according to your needs - please contact us for more information. All programs run with an organised group, with a minimum of 10 participants.


Fees typically include the following:

  • All accommodation & meals (we make socially and environmentally responsible choices as far as possible!)

  • Transport (includes ground transport and airport transfers, and excludes airfares )

  • Course materials

  • Engaging experts & 24/7 experienced facilitators

Your investment in our courses enables Skillseed to further our social mission by contributing to our community partners, like the Sri Lankan Wildlife Conservation Society, who empower local communities through research and provide them with the tools needed to protect endangered wildlife. It also also goes towards the development of future courses and journeys - we do intensive consultations and site visits with every partner organisation we work with. Finally, your support provides opportunities for past participants to further develop their skills and passions with us or our partner organisations.

Learned and observed the elephant, bringing people closer to nature.
— 2018 Elexplore participant, Dalton Academy Beijing


Best suited for people who:

  • Love nature and wildlife, with a fierce curiosity to learn more about the world we live in!

  • Are at least 15 years of age and in good health

  • Have no strict vegan diet requirements or severe allergies or debilitating allergies, and don't require prescription medicine that requires constant refrigeration

  • Are fluent in English (written & spoken)