Nurturing future-ready youths, changing the world today

Skillseed’s experiential learning programs aim to develop youths into resilient and adaptable leaders who possess the entrepreneurial dare and intercultural fluency to engage with diversity and enact positive change in their communities and beyond. Our experiential learning programs are based on the principles of the Skillseed Experience and can be tailored to suit the different interests and capabilities of our youths.

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Explore our exposure programs

where participants engage deeply with challenges most pertinent to today’s world, broadening their perspectives through visits to various organisations, activities with local community partners, and dialogues with change-makers and experts in the field!


Nurturing youths future who possess

  • Adaptability

  • A global mindset

  • Resilience

  • Fluency in intercultural competencies


“This was the most memorable trip I’ve ever taken part in, as we managed to contribute towards a long-term solution to the community’s needs, and we could go home with our heads held high knowing we had done the most we could.”- Xavier, Marketing for Mamas, 2017


In 2018,

404 participants

9 learning programs



One of our course participants shares about his Skillseed experience and the resounding impact it has made on him.

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Participate in a Project-based Exposure program

where participants learn about a pressing social or environmental issue through engaging a diversity of stakeholders, from community partners to experts, before applying their learning to the design of a project or intervention that they will prototype, and implement back in their home communities.


Serve in a skills-based service program

where participants hone their unique skillsets and leverage their knowledge to collaborate directly with community partners on a project that helps them work towards a larger mission and vision.


“The trip was truly amazing! As I have said, it's probably the best trip I've ever went on. Here, I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the organizers and our teachers. Thank you all for what we've learned throughout the trip. You guys are the best teacher. Thank you all for the caring and friendship we've built throughout the trip. It's unforgettable and will always be a part of my memory.” - Design for Good Participant, 2018