BEYOND THE CLASSROOM, STUDENTS TODAY NEED TO Develop resilience, adaptability, and wisdom in the face of uncertainty.

Skillseed courses allow you to venture beyond your comfort zone, to experience for yourself the diversity and challenges the world has to offer.

Designed to complement the academic curriculum of secondary, pre-tertiary, and tertiary institutions, our courses easily integrate into Service Learning, Values in Action, Global Immersion, Career Readiness or IB programs.



Skillseed offers a range of structured courses in a variety of destinations, for participants raring to go. Each course is designed around a core theme, with the intent to expose participants to purposeful, transformative experiences outside the classroom.

Pick a course close to your heart, and prepare to be inspired! 

why choose a skillseed course?



Our strength in logistics means we take care of all the details - flights, travel insurance, accommodations, you name it - so that you can focus on the things that really matter. As facilitators and fellow educators, we also take great care in gently guiding the rounded learning of participants by crafting and curating educational materials, encouraging reflection, and engaging with students throughout the course. 

Beyond the rigorous learning, trust that your students are in safe hands with first-aid trained and MOE-registered facilitators on board 24/7 during the trip.



In our classrooms without walls, students learn about the world and themselves. They are challenged to look beyond academic achievements and the saviour complex that often besets the privileged.

Real experts who are role models in their field are also roped in to help students gain knowledge, and cultivate skills that actually matter.

Ultimately, Skillseed participants build personal resilience, team-work and inter-disciplinary competencies so they are more than prepared to stand out in a demanding world that requires milennials to "leap tall buildings in a single bound"



We are a social enterprise first, travel agency second, and seek to build a better world through the dual forces of experiential education and responsible travel. 

By choosing to work with Skillseed you are supporting both ethical consumer choices and the needs of non-profit organisations and social enterprises in Singapore as well as in our host countries. We select sustainable and socially responsible sources in our supply chain as far as possible, and it gives us great pride to educate participants about the social businesses they eat, sleep, learn and enjoy themselves at, and the footprint they are leaving as a result.

Skillseed's facilitators are first-aid certified and are registered with the Ministry of Education as approved course instructors.

Skillseed's facilitators are first-aid certified and are registered with the Ministry of Education as approved course instructors.

Facilitators and teacher chaperones have operating 24/7 mobile phone lines in the host country during each course.

Additional information on our safety protocol is provided before each trip via a guidebook.


We are thankful to have met many dedicated educators and passionate students from schools in Singapore and mainland China - some of whom have gone on at least two Skillseed courses. This is a validation of our work, and we look forward to building stronger ties with more school partners.