GAP YEAR INTERNship 2018/2019

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Be a part of the Skillseed family.

We seek an adventurous, goal-oriented and dedicated Gap Year Intern to help shape Skillseed’s regional courses and contribute to our social projects locally. If you are a fresh graduate looking to dip your toes in the social enterprise scene, or a mid-career professional* seeking life’s greater purpose(s), this is for you.

*If you are a mid-career professional and are ultimately chosen, you will be referred to as a Gap Year Fellow instead.

What is skillseed?

Skillseed is an educational social enterprise that unleashes human potential through transformative and socially-impactful experiential learning courses for youths in Asia. 

We partner experts and social sector organizations, globally, to co-create skills-based courses across diverse themes, ranging from social innovation to environmental stewardship, to offer youth real world courses that serve real causes. Ultimately, we help create a virtuous cycle by linking our alumni with local Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and Social Enterprises (SEs) to encourage skilled volunteerism in Singapore.

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Roles and responsibilities as a GAP YEAR INTERN 

You will work closely with the team to:

Manage Experiential Learning Courses

  • Design, develop and implement innovative and socially impactful experiential learning courses in Singapore and overseas. This also involves conducting site inspections and risk assessments, so you’ll get to experience the trip twice!

  • Conduct and facilitate Skillseed courses a few times a year throughout SE Asia and beyond. Part of this includes coordination with external parties, experts and partners throughout the course duration

  • Oversee course logistics and budget from end to end; coordinate with stakeholders


Manage Projects

  • Manage upcoming local and international projects. These projects may include:

    • a programme in Singapore that aims to foster greater inter-racial and inter-religious understanding through the medium of food

    • An overseas youth trip examining the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka, where the intern will assist our Skillseed staff in managing the content and logistics of the trip

    • An experiential learning course in Singapore examining sustainability from different angles, for overseas youths

    • Local walkshops, which incorporate educational experiences within fun activities

  • Monitor and evaluate the achievement of program objectives

  • Conduct research, or even play a more significant contributing role to consulting projects


Build Relationships

  • Cultivate new and maintain existing partnerships between Skillseed, its course experts, and community partners

  • Represent Skillseed at high level conferences, seminars and forums


Promote Skillseed’s Work

  • Create content for our newsletters, blogs and other channels

  • Assist with our digital marketing strategy to maximise our online presence


What's in it for me?

Professional Development

  • Over 50 hours of sponsored training ranging from first aid to social entrepreneurship

  • Immerse in the vibrant and evolving Social Enterprise (SE) scene in Singapore; you will get to engage with SEs in different industries as part of our local courses

  • Exclusive opportunities to attend social impact and capacity building conferences as well as other entrepreneurship themed workshops

  • Networking opportunities with experts from different industries and career fields

  • Experience a fast-paced and flexible start-up environment (no bureaucracy here!) where you will work directly and closely with the extremely lean team, and be an integral part of high level decisions and strategy

  • Do meaningful work in a conducive environment with a talented young team in a quaint office located along the hipster cafe belt of Jalan Besar, a stone’s throw away from an abundance of cheap good food and not so cheap cafés. Please note however, that due to our tenancy, we are not wheelchair accessible; Jalan Besar is also generally extremely hostile to wheelchairs!


Travel Opportunities

  • Abundance of sponsored travel opportunities (potentially over 5 figures worth during your tenure) throughout SE Asia and potentially beyond; you’ll experience exclusive behind-the-scenes operations of our partners

  • Experience the raw and authentic sides of countries that only the locals will know; fulfil that wanderlust in ways few can only dream of, all while working on the job! (Now, how many people can actually say that of their jobs?)


Personal Growth

  • Opportunity to design, lead / co-lead and facilitate selected courses based locally and overseas

  • Intensive apprenticeship in start-up style project management, consulting, facilitation, budgeting and more

  • Invaluable opportunity to be part of our exciting growth as we expand our impact across Asia

  • Monthly internship / fellowship and CPF at social enterprise benchmarks, between S$800 to S$1,000 (ie. it will not be anything like what you would get at BCG or Goldman Sachs)

  • Potential to convert to a full-time position if it all works out :)



Do I fit the bill?

We are looking for a fearless individual who is passionate about expanding horizons, social causes, traveling, able to think critically, making friends across the globe and most importantly, passing on these values and knowledge to the next generation. Sounds like you? Read on!



  • At least 21 years old; degree or diploma holder in any field from accredited tertiary institutions; bonus (but not required) if in education, psychology, sustainable development or equivalent

  • Singaporeans or Permanent Residents only

  • Proficient in English (written and spoken); preferably native speaker.

  • You should be able to think critically and communicate that in your writing

  • Competent in a second language (written and spoken), preferably Malay or Chinese, due to the stakeholders and customers we work with

  • Accomplished in Google Apps or Microsoft Office Suite, especially Powerpoint and Excel

  • Extensive project management experience, both locally and internationally; comfortable with working behind the scenes

  • Seasoned in designing and executing overseas programs/courses/projects (or at least be willing to learn quickly)

  • Experienced in at least one or more of the following areas: Entrepreneurship, curriculum development, service learning and facilitation, community development, social causes and youth development

  • Candidates should not have any health conditions or visa requirements that may hamper them from traveling to and operating in developing countries



  • A self-starter who is capable of working independently and traveling by themselves to selected countries to manage our courses (all expenses paid). Programs are typically 1-2 weeks long. Experience in SE Asia a major bonus, especially in rural, non-touristy areas.

  • Driven and responsible; willing to learn and improve as quickly as possible

  • People-oriented; enjoys networking and interacting with diverse stakeholders

  • Detail-oriented and meticulous - enjoys logistics and coordinating multiple program elements

  • Disciplined and efficient with excellent time management skills; enjoys flexible working schedules

  • Positive with an upbeat attitude and open mind

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills

  • Able to appear presentable on demand; most of the time we’re pretty laid back but all of us have emergency stashes of power suits

  • Humorous and not uptight. One Director has interesting (read: deplorable) sense of humor so please be prepared. The other is stone-faced on the outside but made of cotton candy inside. We enjoy bantering, but unfortunately pet names are now banned because of HR’s (ie. Wilson’s) repeated notices to our Founding Director, Huijia who has a penchant for giving people inappropriate ones.


what other skills would help? 

Brownie points for you if you have the following skills:

  1. Third language ability, especially if you are fluent in a Southeast Asian language like Bahasa Indonesia or Thai

  2. First aid certified

  3. Youth Expedition Leaders’ Course certified

  4. Photo editing and video editing skills

  5. Working knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

  6. Knowledge and use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

  7. Über bonus, but not required: Travel industry experience!


how many vacancies are there? 

We generally only accept one but if there are two very outstanding candidates, we might make an exception.


when do i start?

Please note that this is a year-long position starting 1 November, 2018.


when is the closing date for application?

The closing date for applications is Friday, 14 September.  Please submit your applications before 2359 on this date.


how do i apply?

Interested candidates should apply to with a cover letter, CV and any other relevant information. In your cover letter, please also include the following:

1.  Your Tendency using this:

2.  Your Myer-Briggs Type using this:

While we will do our best to respond to every single candidate, we seek your understanding if a personalized response is not always possible. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your applications!