a rigorous medical service-learning opportunity that will engage your heart, handS, and head

In this intensive hands-on medical service learning experience that will challenge you to grow beyond your comfort zone, engage your passions and expose you to some of the realities of life as a healthcare provider for underserved communities. Make headway in your journey towards a vocation in healthcare via a curriculum created by faculty from Duke and John Hopkins University and find out whether you have what it takes for a future in the field. 

This programme is run exclusively in conjunction with our US non-profit partner Global Public Service Academies (GPSA).

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  • Connect your knowledge to practice: build on what you've learned in school with lessons from trained professionals and put this into use as you facilitate health screenings,including vaccinations and nutritional interventions (e.g. how to measure infant height and weight, how to measure blood pressure, heart rate, etc.); conduct community health trainings on hygiene or nutritional education; or perform other important volunteer tasks

  • Gain invaluable exposure and insights into the realities of healthcare as you shadow nurses and doctors at clinics, hospitals and rural health posts

  • Understand a different culture while you spend your time working at a local clinic and undergo extensive training on healthcare delivery and local culture

  • Gain deeper insights into what it’s like to be a doctor or healthcare professional making a difference to underserved communities, and with hope, gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their motivations to be in the healthcare profession

  • Participate in a GPSA conference at the end of the programme where students and faculty will present their observations, findings and community impact in a professional conference format

  • Train and work with extraordinary faculty and undergraduates from some of America’s best universities, including Duke University and Johns Hopkins University


GPSA WV-2600.jpg

sample itinerary

May be modified according to participants' length of stay

Day 1: Arrival & Orientation at Duke University 

Day 2: Guest lectures, travel to West Virginia, visit community garden

Day 3-5:  Service work, technical and cultural training

Day 6: Cultural Day, explore your surroundings

Day 7-9:  Service work, written & oral presentations

Day 10: Travel back to Duke, Scientific Conference 

Day 11: Goodbye Duke!



Participants begin their journey in Raleigh, NC (RDU International Airport). Shortly after their arrival, participants will travel as a group to Duke University, North Carolina, where they will spend two intensive days participating in guest lectures and training sessions. On the second day of the program, participants will travel to the remote village of Williamson, West Virginia. Williamson is a town of about 3000 inhabitants deep in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, USA, whose rugged inhabitants have been devastated by natural disasters and economic hardship.

Only recently has the city been protected by a floodwall in response to deadly flooding along the Tug Fork River in 1977 and again in 1984. The local economy is largely fueled by coal mining, an industry in rapid decline. The decline is so severe that it recently brought former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the city to discuss the problems of poverty and healthcare in this community.

NOTE: GPSA for Health programme in West Virginia starts and ends at RDU International Airport in Raleigh, North Carolina.


FOR DECEMBER 2018: December 5 - 15 2019 (program duration, excluding flight time)

                                         For minimum 5 student participants: 3,575 USD

NOTE: FINANCIAL AID is available and participants may apply for financial aid using the financial aid forms that will be distributed along with the application forms (see Important Deadlines below). Participants may receive financial aid coverage up to 70% of the program fees (excluding flights and external expenses).


  • Pre-departure advice and support for participants from Asia

  • Transportation from the beginning of the programme to the end, including airport transfers, buses, boats, or other conveyances.

  • Emergency evacuation insurance

  • Housing

  • Most meals (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner will be provided daily)

  • Technical and Cultural Training

  • Textbooks and lab supplies

  • Social activities

  • Field support from GPSA

  • HQ support from GPSA US office

  • Airfare and associated taxes to RDU International Airport in Raleigh, North Carolina

FEES DO NOT include:

  • Airfare

  • Travel Insurance

  • Health Insurance – you must show proof of health insurance including international coverage

  • ESTA (US Visa) – 14 USD

  • Health vaccinations: Participants must show proof of immunization for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Chickenpox, Tetanus (within 10 years), Typhoid, and measles. Your doctor will likely recommend additional vaccinations and treatments.


For applicants from Singapore: Our partner travel agent will handle the bookings, and approximate airfares (approx. $2,100 SGD) are excluded in the program fees on this page. 


This programme is open to outstanding students 15 - 19 years old (Including older students who have not yet attended college) of all nationalities. 

Students need not have any previous experience in medical training, but must demonstrate a passion for this field in their applications and have two references that can support their application.


Upon indication of interest, we will email you the application and financial aid forms. Please submit your forms as soon as they are completed as they are assessed on a ROLLING BASIS. GPSA staff may schedule a phone or Skype interview with you as part of the next step.  GPSA will stop accepting applications as soon as all acceptance letters have been awarded.

Upon acceptance into the program, there will be a non-refundable deposit of USD900 (SGD1240) per student before final payment is due.

Interested in finding out more? Click the button below to register your non-binding interest, and we'll get back to you shortly with the application and financial aid packets! Feel free to write in to us if you have any questions about the application process. 


"I had hoped to gain more clinical experience and learn how life was like in a medical profession. I managed to get lots of clinical experience by shadowing nurses and doctors, and experienced first hand many medical conditions, which I had previously only read about." 

“GPSA in St. Vincent showed me the importance of public healthcare, and the needs of improvement in this area in developing countries. This made me want to put in effort to bring about a change in this. It is a very enriching experience that one would not get in one’s home country.”

100% of participants agreed that GPSA FOR HEALTH:






* Sample statistics from participants surveyed in 2013.


"I hear students say, “When I graduate, I’m going to get a job and make a huge difference in the world.” That’s great, and I hope they do. But there is no reason to wait. High school students can make a difference. College students can make a difference. And they can do it now."

- dr. robert malkin, founder and director of gpsa