Our Design for Good chapter is coming to a close! Our participants had a great time learning more about themselves and working together with artisans in Cambodia, and they have launched their designs up for sale on Haystakt.

At our sharing party two weeks ago, three of our participants told us stories of the inspirations behind their design collections. We were very glad to know that they found the courage to spread a message of good through their own jewellery designs.  

Glad that many of our advisors, supporters and teacher friends were able to join us for this event!

Glad that many of our advisors, supporters and teacher friends were able to join us for this event!

Each collection features one to four pieces of jewellery that represent the personal meaning of courage or a social cause that is close to our participants’ hearts.

Isabella Mak & Chia Wei Shuang’s Dara stands for all the students, parents, and teachers who continue pursuing education given tough conditions and poverty.

Dive by Shenli Poon represents the reward for having the courage to take the plunge into the unknown.

Voyage by Kiki Li and Nicole Zhao is a duo of necklaces that speak about courage being a journey to the open seas, but at the same time, having a lighthouse that keeps you grounded.

Anshu Garodia’s The Bee is a queen bee pendant and is inspired by the issue of women empowerment around the globe.

Peace&Justice 和&道 by Davy & Arno represent exactly that: peace and justice. This three-piece collection is inspired by the Chinese character for justice and a universal symbol for peace—the olive branch. 

And finally, Yang Yang’s Gingko 银杏 was inspired by the persistence and resilience of the Gingko tree that has dated back to the ancient times.

All of these designs are now up for pre-order on Saught’s Haystakt page for a special discounted price! If you like any of the designs, do support our budding young designers and help spread the message of courage. 

A collection that achieves the minimum order requirement of 20, it will be inducted into Saught’s permanent collection. Congratulations to the Dive collection, which has achieved at least 56 orders and will be offered by Saught. There are only a few days left until the campaign ends - so please show your support NOW and head over to the Haystakt page!


The Project Skillseed Team