I am delighted to be invited by Mr Kuak Nam Jin, head of Raffles Leadership Institute to Raffles Institution's Eco-Book Launch this coming Sat, April 12th at 1.45pm at the National Library.

Nam Jin is a very passionate environmentalist and quite an ingenious educator at the same time. In this case, he has helped his students Learn Different, and Make a Difference (our mantra too!) by mentoring them to write, illustrate AND publish high quality children's books on Singapore's biodiversity and natural areas. Through his efforts, I feel that he has not only helped our teenagers appreciate our natural heritage, he has also helped them leave a legacy for Singapore's future generations, so that our children may grow up learning about and loving our parks and reserves. Oh, and now they also know what it takes to publish a book!

I love this initiative and hope that other passionate educators and parents out there will support this event. Please turn up and yes, bring your kids!

Will continue to blog about and highlight forward-thinking educators and their efforts to nurture changemakers. Please drop me a note if you have any ideas or events that fit our values!