1. Spending time in nature will make you kinder, happier & healthier

More and more stories of stressed out urban dwellers going outdoors to seek balance in their life are emerging, and science proves that spending time in nature makes us kinder, happier, healthier and more alive. This calls for some nature therapy, and Sweden's untouched wilderness provides the perfect antidote.

2. Learn from outdoor educators & wilderness experts who walk the talk

If you like the idea of being in the wilderness but approach it with an inhibitive trepidation, consider enlisting the help of a wilderness guide as you embark on your explorations. On our journey Into the Wild, you will be accompanied by an experienced, knowledgable, rugged wilderness educator and guide at all times.

Incidentally, this might be the best time to learn from the outdoor experts at Sweden's Unnaryd Wilderness School, which is having its swansong. Headed by Principal Juha Rankinen, the school has been equipping global citizens with the survival skills needed to live in nature and the principles of living in harmony with the Earth.

(PS: If we had to choose anyone to be stuck alone  in the wilderness with, Juha would be our first choice!)

3. Learn to navigate the lakes in a traditional wooden canoe

In few other places in the world would you get the opportunity to explore lakes and landscapes in a wooden canoe, Viking style? We often explore places on foot but what about discovering a different side of the wilderness by venturing out on water and travelling by canoe? Whether you're a watersport fanatic or a canoeing virgin, in Unnaryd you'll get to appreciate the beauty of wooden Swedish canoes in the best way - by using them as your medium to explore the lakes and landscape. Watch this breath-taking video for a mouth-watering (pun intended) taste of the experience!

4. Learn about Self-Sufficiency; start your own Fire

Go back to the rawest of basics by learning to start your own fire - from scratch. Impress your friends and family at future barbecues, and make yourself indispensible on any desert island.

5. Summer is the best time to visit Scandinavia

Take advantage of the long days and short nights to live and breathe nature. In June, the waters in Sweden are cool and refreshing, and the liberating feeling of jumping into a freshwater lake itself is not to be missed. For those of us who aren't confident swimmers, simply dipping your toes in sparkling Swedish waters, surrounded by a surreal setting, is a delight in itself.

6. Sweden & Denmark are leaders at the forefront of sustainability

Even without this modest list of reasons, we think photos would have done the job. Whether you're more than content to soak in rugged natural splendour, or a photobug after tumblr-esque photos, we're sure you'll be more than satisfied here. 

8. Find your Tribe amongst Like-minded people

Sometimes it’s tough getting to know folks you can connect with authentically without complicating life in the workplace, and we've found that travelling bonds people - even complete strangers - like nothing else can. Who knows, you might meet someone who could become your best travelling buddy and go on nature hikes with?

9. Take the road less travelled

While others tick items off their bucket lists, at Skillseed we #traveldifferent to collect, and share, experiences you can’t get elsewhere. We don’t do run-of-the-mill tours, and consciously do our best to leave as tiny a footprint as possible when we travel,  minimizing damage and impact to the places we venture to. This is the future of travel - don’t say we didn’t tell you. If others ask, you got there first. 

Convinced? Curious? Find out more & RSVP for Into the Wild - an intimate 10-day 9-night small-group adventure to Sweden and Denmark here.

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Photo credit: Gymnasiekola Hylte, Skillseed