Are you a responsible, sustainable business that makes a positive impact on the communities and environment around you? Are you great at what you do? Do you have a legacy to share with the next generation? 

Skillseed designs and runs experiential learning journeys for organizations that takes youths and school groups behind the scenes to experience first hand what it takes to be a sustainability and socially responsible business. 

Furthermore, we are equipped to execute, evaluate and refine your customized educational outreach programme. As such, we excel at working together with your internal CSR team to plan and carry out impactful and effective outreach programmes that meets your company objectives.


Why Educational Outreach PRoGRAMMES?


work on your brand and reputation

According to Cone Communications, 90% of global citizens indicated that they would boycott a company if they learned of irresponsible behavior. On the other hand, companies that are socially responsible and able to demonstrate their commitment to the community are more likely to have a stronger reputation, hence attracting and retaining loyal consumers who care about what a business stands for.  Behavioral science researchers found that consumers tend to reward companies with outreach activities by being more loyal to them. Community outreach was even shown to have a stronger effect on customer loyalty than did service quality!

This improved corporate image and brand reputation among consumers would indirectly result in a more stable customer base, better market performances, increased stakeholder value, a more reliable source of future revenue, and eventually, a more valuable company.

Attract and retain talent

As industries go through the technological revolution and the job market evolves, the focus and priorities of new job seekers are changing. No longer is a high paying job enough to attract and retain talents. Most job seekers take a company's reputation and its contributions to the community into account when applying for and accepting jobs. Nearly 85 percent of Millennials stated that an organisation's community service outreach programs will highly impact their career choices and a strong sense of purpose was reported to be one of the top reasons that would attract and retain a millennial according to The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016.

Being socially responsible and demonstrating that to the future generation is clearly one of the most important factors impacting employee recruitment and retention and it may become even more critical as the next generation move up the ranks in the workplace.

nurture the next generation of consumers

What does sustainability mean and how does it contribute to a social or environmental cause? Consumers are smart, but they also need to be educated on what goes on behind the scenes in your company in order to make the right choices. The impact of customers' perception on a business's brand is even more apparent in a time of social media - when companies do good, word gets around and customers notice immediately.

The Reputation Institute” has reported that when making decisions, consumers are influenced more by a company’s reputation than their products or services at a rate of 60% to 40% respectively. It is apparent that a company’s ethics and community involvement are becoming important factors in which brand a consumer chooses.




Skillseed is an expert in design, facilitation, and execution of experiential learning courses. Our travel license also allows us to bring students to your premises to learn on-site.

As such, we go beyond merely consulting or devising a customised programme for you. Our trained facilitators provide personalised service from conceptualization and design of programme to facilitation, engagement, feedback, and evaluation - so that you always know that your outreach programme is maximising its impacts for your company.



Skillseed has designed and executed more than 20 unique courses all over the world in the past 3 years.

We are proud to say that our courses have always been met with popular demand and much love from our partners, schools, and participants. Knowing that, you can trust our in-house course architects & trained facilitators to design and carry out a sophisticated course for your programme that always gets the learning done and your audiences loving it at the same time.



Our focus as a social enterprise means that we are always putting our social mission first.

Be glad to know that by choosing to work with us over for-profit organizations, you are contributing directly to the community and youth development in Singapore and Asia.

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