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Outreach and Course Manager

Skillseed is on the hunt for a passionate, qualified individual to join our family! We are looking for an "Outreach and Course Manager" who is skilled at marketing and outreach, and is also interested in and capable of managing and facilitating our social impact courses.


The role will involve:

1. Spearheading the overall branding of Skillseed. Communicating our value through a variety of channels and establishing (and maintaining!) new relationships with school and corporate clients. Involves in-person and online outreach. 

2. Working closely with the team to design, develop and implement innovative and socially impactful experiential learning courses in Singapore and overseas; which also involves conducting site inspections and risk assessments

3. Cultivating new and maintain existing partnerships between Skillseed and (a) Course Experts and (b) Community Partners

4. Representing Skillseed at high level conferences, seminars and forums

5. Running and facilitating Skillseed courses a few times a year (involves travel) throughout SE Asia and beyond; coordinate external parties, experts and partners throughout the course 

6. Managing courses logistics and budgeting from start to finish; including monitoring and evaluating courses’ impact

7.  Add value to our team through innovative ideas, key connections and feedback

8. Take charge of special projects, in line with our social mission, which may involve consultancy, training, grant management, volunteer management etc.


1. At least 21 years old; degree/diploma holder in any field from accredited tertiary institutions

2. Passion for working with youths a priority; experience in at least one or more of the following areas: Entrepreneurship, curriculum development, service learning and facilitation, community development, social causes, inter-country project management and youth development

3. Experience with communications, branding and outreach preferred. 

4. Prior experience with designing and executing overseas programs/courses/projects

5. A self-starter who is capable of working independently and traveling by him or herself to selected countries to manage our courses (all expenses paid). Programs are typically 1-2 weeks long.

6. Experience in SE Asia a major bonus, especially in rural, non-touristy areas.

7. Driven and responsible; willing to learn and improve as quickly as possible

8. People person; enjoys networking and interacting with diverse stakeholders.

9. Courage to challenge the status quo in our industry

10. High attention to detail and meticulousness; enjoys logistics and coordinating multiple program elements

11. Disciplined, efficient and great time management skill; enjoys flexible work schedules

12. Positive, upbeat attitude; has an open mind

13. Strong written and oral communication skills

14. Can appear presentable on demand; most of the time we’re pretty laid back but all of us have emergency stashes of power suits

15. Humor a great plus; we enjoy bantering and giving pet names to our team members. Director has interesting (read: deplorable) sense of humor so please be prepared

16. Total fluency (written, spoken) in English



1. Cover letter

Kindly include your MBTI and Book of Life results, and do let us know whether you feel that the results are an accurate reflection of your traits.

These quizzes can be taken online for free at these links:



2. Short CV, limited to 2 pages of relevant experiences only.

Please feel free to email us at wilson@skillseed.sg if you have any other questions. 



Fri 23 Feb 2018