Skills-Based Service Programs

What does service mean and how do we engage in service in ways that promote and maintain the dignity of a community while contributing to their empowerment? Skillseed’s skills-based service programs focus on equipping volunteers with the right skills and mindsets to work together with communities to achieve their goals.

Each skills-based service program is carefully designed under the 6-stage Skillseed framework to create leaders with the grit, heart and ability to catalyze change in their communities.


Skillseed Signature Program

Design For Good

Our Design for Good program brings you and local artisans together to co-create products! Throughout the journey, you gain valuable insights on design, responsible supply chains, social impact and more. You will get to go behind-the-scenes of a very special retail social enterprise's design process, work hand-in-hand with talented local artisans to craft meaningful designs, bring them to life, and make a social impact!



For maximum impact, participants will undergo pre-trip training on design and begin brainstorming designs up to 5 weeks before the start of the course, submitting initial proposals before the course commences. Participants MUST be committed to submitting this initial proposal, so that the products may be completed within the 8 days in Cambodia.


During Trip

  • Work alongside artisans and get to know their stories as they work together to transform designs into products with stories to tell and an impact that transforms lives

  • Gain exposure to the nuances and complexities of the different stages or product development, including prototyping, supply-chain issues, marketing and distribution

  • Analyse and understand the impact of responsible production and the difference with its opposite on the ground

  • Learn about and experience the 'hows and whys' of social enterprises - be inspired by the creativity, heart and passion of people who have dedicated their careers to social impact

  • Experience and appreciate the fullness of Cambodian culture and hospitality, while also learning about the country's complex history and visiting several national treasures lives


  • Market and sell products back in your institution and channel the profits to the artisans!


Case Studies


Marketing For Mamas I & II

Participants gain an introduction to social enterprises and the challenges they face in marketing a range of responsibly-made products to the Siem Reap and overseas market. Under the guidance of community partners and facilitators, participants learned how they can use their research and marketing skills to help increase sales and market penetration - interviewing local businesses and developing a market strategy for the Softies program.


Finance for the Future

Participants grasp how the understanding of financial concepts varies vastly across both culture and circumstance, and explore how the principles at the core of a healthy relationship with money may be translated to meet the needs of individuals in different communities. Participants deliver powerful and dynamic lessons, under the guidance of community partners and facilitators, through the incorporation of games, skits and a belief in their capability to make an impact.


Microfinance, Macroimpact

Participants demystify their understanding of the buzzword of the century and discover (or rediscover) the heart of business and its potential to develop communities. Participants learn from the village's entrepreneurs and our non-profit partners and contribute their skills in videography and interviewing to crowdfund and raise awareness on the need for ethical and sustainable financing models.


Skillseed Subsidized

Eligibility and Criteria

Skillseed is committed to our community partners to make an impact and therefore Skillseed waives all the trip and facilitator cost for skills-based service programs. All skills-based service programs run at running cost and only cover the base cost of the program.

Participants must be committed to engaging in pre-trip preparation five weeks before the journey and post-trip sales (if applicable)

  • Possess unique skill sets that fit with the needs of

    the community

  • Are at least 15 years of age and in good health

  • Have no strict vegan diet requirements or severe allergies

    or debilitating allergies, and don't require prescription

    medicine that requires constant refrigeration

  • Are fluent in English (written & spoken)


Have a theme in mind that you would like your students to explore under a customized skills-based program? Get in touch with us!

“ Before the trip, I thought [that] helping others with the skills and powers we have right now is hard and basically impossible because we’re merely teenagers. Now I believed in that everything is possible, and we did it. We are actually helping the ladies in the village [live] a better life and all we’ve done is use what we’ve learned in class and apply it in a real life situation”

— 2018 Design for Good participant, Keystone Academy Beijing