Web Guru/ UX Master 


Roles and responsibilities as a volunteer 

You will work closely with the creative team to:

  • Work around, or suggest feasible solutions to roadblocks the team is currently facing on the Squarespace platform, making recommendations for alternative platforms if necessary

  • Share informed and practical recommendations for improving the User Experience of our web platforms for the purpose of sales

  • Transfer the skills (e.g. basic coding and/or other competencies) necessary for the maintenance of any web changes or foreseeable developments

What's in it for me? 

  • Experience a fast-paced and flexible start-up environment (not so much bureaucracy here!) where you will work directly and closely with the extremely lean team, and be an integral part of important decisions and strategy related to our online presence.

  • You will make a difference to our knowledge-hungry small team that lacks tech expertise while being relatively savvy for amateurs, and in turn help to build the capacity of a social enterprise working to make social impact on both micro (individual youths) and macro levels (social sectors in Singapore and internationally).

  • Do meaningful work in a conducive environment (well, depends on your working style - we are usually quite chatty but can be silenced upon request!) with a friendly young team, and an extremely affectionate but well-behaved Pembroke Welsh Corgi (let us know if you would rather not be around dogs), in a quaint office located in the character-filled district of Jalan Besar, a stone’s throw from an abundance of cheap good food and not so cheap cafés. Please note that we are not wheelchair accessible and Jalan Besar in general is extremely hostile to wheelchairs! 

  • Letter of recommendation or a testimonial for a job well done (if you so require!)


  • Commitment level: Ad-hoc, on a project basis 

  • We estimate that this might take around 10 hours in total

  • Remote working (80%) 

  • In person training (20%); Skype sessions are possible but we'd love to spend time with you! 

  • Minimum volunteering period of 1-2 months 



Do I fit the bill?

You are:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in coding websites for businesses, with a good grasp of what can make or break (and everything in between) users’ experience online

  • Familiar with Squarespace, or are willing to familiarise yourself with Squarespace!

  • Extremely patient, and happy to explain things to our less tech-savvy team

  • Passionate about skills-transfers and building the capacity of social enterprises!

  • A decently pleasant person to spend time with :-)

  • Not sexist, racist, or bigoted in any way