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  • Transparency:

    • We are transparent about how our profits are used; our profits are used to subsidize the different skills-based programs we run at Skillseed and maintain the running of the company

    • Our skills-based programs are carried out at cost (non-profit) as our commitment to our youths in matching passion with potential and working with our community partners to achieve their mission and vision

  • Humility

    • We are not afraid to make mistakes and take ownership of the consequences

    • We constantly work towards improving our methods and programs, through feedback, impact assessments and collaboration with all our community partners


At Skillseed, people are at the heart of what we do. In all the work that we do, we seek to uphold the values that we embody as a family:

  • Ethical:

    • We do not support organisations who exploit living beings of any form

    • We exist in an ecosystem of community partners whose work is important and do not commit their time and resources without a formal confirmation of projects from organisations

    • We commit to paying all our community partners and staff on time. Being a small social enterprise, we recognize the importance of cash flow and always work towards ensuring the livelihoods of our ecosystem is not jeopardized


  • Dignified Collaboration:

    • Dignity is at the forefront of all our interactions; we value each person for who they are and the assets they possess

    • Relationality is central to all that we do; we view everyone we work with as partners and work together with them to achieve their larger mission and vision

  • Depth of Engagement

    • In all our interactions, we value engaging with relevant, complex and ambiguous topics. We don’t shy away from topics because they are hard

    • We engage with diversity and difference to bring about more nuanced understandings of issues and challenge our participants to develop their own perspectives