Unwrapping Sustainability

BEYOND THE BUZZWORD, what does sustainability mean? What forms does it take, and why does it matter? Embark on a 900km journey across Sri Lanka's breathtaking central region and uncover how individuals, communities, and enterprises work towards sustainability in their fields. Engage in a hands-on exploration of responsible business, fair-trade practices, environmental conservation, and gain a profound understanding of the different dimensions of sustainability and entrepreneurial solutions emerging through cross-sectoral collaborations.



Sussing out Sustainability 

  • Be inspired by entrepreneurs committed to sustainable practices - witness how sustainability, empowerment and enterprise intersect, and understand the importance of collaboration in a holistic approach towards a sustainable future
  • Learn how sustainability may be incorporated into different industries through immersive cross-country field visits to a fairtrade fashion business, socially conscious tea plantation, sustainable farm, other social enterprises to 
  • Through a community-based tourism experience in a rural village, explore the role and potential of tourism in cultivating demand for responsible production and consumption, fighting for cultural preservation, and improving the well-being of both locals and travellers 
  • Wonder at the natural landscape at the heart of Sri Lanka's sustainability with the once in a lifetime experience of staying in a beautiful National Park where you'll learn more about the conservation of majestic animals, explore human-animal tensions and experience a day in the life of a conservationist as you participate in field work
  • Celebrate Sri Lankan culture and hospitality through connecting with locals, savour Sri Lankan food, learn traditional crafts and take home memories and learnings to last a lifetime




Fees will differ according to the requirements of your group - please contact us for more information.

Fees typically include the following:

  • Accommodation & meals (we make socially and environmentally responsible choices as far as possible!)
  • Transport (including flights and airport transfers)
  • Entrance fees for attractions
  • Course materials
  • Insurance cover
  • Engaging experts & 24/7 experienced facilitators

Your investment in our courses enables Skillseed to further our social mission by empowering local communities through employment or job creation. It also also goes towards the development of future courses and journeys - we do intensive consultations and site visits with every partner organisation we work with. Finally, your support provides opportunities for past participants to further develop their skills and passions with us or our partner organisations.




  • Are passionate about sustainability and community empowerment!
  • Are at least 15 years of age and in good health
  • Have no strict vegan diet requirements or severe allergies or debilitating allergies, and don't require prescription medicine that requires constant refrigeration
  • Don't suffer from severe car sickness 
  • Are fluent in English (written & spoken)


Drop us an email if you are an educator, or talk to your school's Experiential Learning / VIA co-ordinator if you are a student!

Don't fall into either category or just want to know more? 
Email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.