Skillseed's carefully curated sustainability learning trails whisk participants off to spaces that promote inclusivity, social interaction and healing and we examine how these elements contribute to sustainability in creating a vibrant, urban environment. Centred around the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), our experiential learning trails will provide not just an enjoyable and unique experience exploring a different side of Singapore, but also give participants a greater understanding of social issues and how they can play an active role as a global citizen.


Some of our objectives for our trails include:

  1. to allow participants to gain a holistic understanding of what sustainability is; to understand how the relationship between the physical environment and social infrastructure can contribute to social sustainability
  2. to expose participants to the sustainable city model adopted by Singapore
  3. to raise awareness of city planning as a tool that is not only accessible at the national level, but one that is also accessible to citizens on a smaller scale by way of ground-up initiatives
  4. to provide a hands-on opportunity to appreciate the role of different stakeholders and community initiatives in the drive for sustainability, and how that would promote connectedness within and outside the community
  5. to equip and empower participants with knowledge and tools that can be used to drive sustainability in their own communities




  • An educator looking to curate and customize a journey centred around any of the UNSDG goals for your students
  • Looking for a bespoke activity as part of a corporate retreat - we are happy to help you craft something and to incorporate a social element to your team-bonding activities to make your retreats more meaningful!

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