Over the years, we are thankful to have had some truly outstanding team members walk through our doors, and whom we proudly call the Skillseed Alumni. 

In their capacity as an intern or volunteer or an intern, they have contributed greatly to our work, and inspired us with their similar passions for experiential learning, skilled volunteerism, and socially-impactful travel.

If you too believe in what we do, we look forward to welcoming you on board! 



RELEASE DATE: 7 May 2019

Skillseed is grateful and stoked to embark on our next phase of growth. To help materialise our plans, we are seeking a Skillseed Fellow, with a vision for the Fellow to convert and head the Experiential Learning Courses complement (i.e. track) of Skillseed.

As an experienced / mid-career Fellow, this Fellowship gives you a one year runway to consider if the experiential learning and professional training niche within the social sector suits you. For us, it’s also an extended chance to experience our working relationship with a candidate, before emplacement in a key middle management role.          

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, here are some of the key benefits. You’ll:

  1. Receive a monthly Fellowship stipend during your tenure, including sponsored travel expenses on all courses, with full travel insurance  

  2. Make many incredible lived experiences / memories, meeting and learning from amazing community partners and experts all around the world.

  3. Do meaningful work in a conducive environment with a talented young team in a quaint office located along the hipster cafe belt of Jalan Besar, a stone’s throw away from an abundance of cheap good food and not so cheap cafés. Please note however, that due to our tenancy, we are not wheelchair accessible; Jalan Besar is also generally extremely hostile to wheelchairs!

  4. Grow professionally, by contributing to Skillseed’s operations and strategy, as well as working with a fun (and may we say intelligent) team, including unsolicited free pep talks by the Founding Director.

  5. Experience a potential career that (truly) uniquely straddles community work, purposeful / sustainable travel, experiential learning & professional training, youth (and the young at heart) engagement and social innovation - all in one.    


Experiential Learning Courses & Journeys (ELCs) Management   

Being one of two key complements in Skillseed, Experiential Learning Courses (and journeys) are the primary medium in which we achieve our social and business objectives. Here, you'll:

  1. Work closely with the team to design, develop and deliver innovative and socially impactful experiential learning courses in Singapore and globally.

  2. Run and facilitate Skillseed courses several times a year throughout SE Asia and beyond; coordinate with external parties, experts and partners throughout the course

  3. Manage courses logistics and budgeting from start to end; including monitoring and evaluating courses’ impact on participants and communities

  4. Lead the systematization and development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for ELCs

  5. Innovate and design new ELCs that will address the global challenges looming on the horizon

China Business & Community Development

Together with our community partners around the world, Skillseed works closely with several top tiered Chinese High Schools to deliver deeply purposeful and unique experiential learning programs for Chinese High School students. In this area, you’ll:  

  1. Support the Directors in important business development trips to High Schools based in China, namely Beijing, Hebei, Shenzhen and Hainan Island. Such trips may occur several times a year, lasting up to a week.

  2. Work closely with Skilseed’s local communities in Hebei to develop a China-based ELC on skills and education based volunteerism

  3. Optimise and systematize lifecycle touchpoints for Chinese stakeholders (including schools and parents), ranging from course development and coordination, to pre-course briefings, as well as payment and collation of feedback.

Community & Partnerships

Working with our glo-cal communities is not only at the heart of what we do; it’s also an aspect that is universally relished by every member of Skillseed. As we continue to enlarge our socio-environmental fingerprints, here’s what you’ll contribute in this area:

  1. Cultivate new and grow  existing partnerships between Skillseed and (a) Course Experts (individuals or organizations with thematic expertise) and (b) Community Partners (individuals or organizations that directly serve local citizens and communities on a long term basis)

  2. Spearhead a major local community project in providing dignified employment to under-resourced individuals and families (TBC!)

Volunteer Management

Skillseed is blessed to constantly have interest from potential volunteers and alumni who would like to contribute back to our purpose and vision. In order to more sustainably engage them, we would like you to:   

  1. Develop our system to build, engage and grow our volunteer base that can contribute to the various functions in Skillseed.

  2. Recruit and manage a pool of just-in-time facilitators to assist in our local community projects as well as overseas ELCs

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR (in descending order of importance):


Please note that while the portfolio above describes the responsibilities that candidates should expect to be involved in, we don’t expect candidates to have experience in every single area. In fact, increasingly, we are beginning to believe that attitude trumps aptitude, so we would like to first start with some key characteristics of a good candidate

  1. Clear interest, passion and dedication to community/social and/or environmental cause(s)/skilled volunteerism

  2. Meticulous; enjoys logistics and coordinating multiple program elements

  3. A self-starter who is capable of working independently and traveling by him or herself to selected countries to manage our courses. Programs are typically 1-2 weeks long.

  4. Willingness to ask for support or direction when needed, as well as to improve as quickly as possible

  5. Collaborative and works well in a team

  6. Disciplined, efficient and organized

  7. Positive attitude; has an open mind

  8. Can appear presentable on demand; most of the time we’re pretty laid back but all of us have emergency stashes of power suits

  9. Humor a great plus; we enjoy bantering and giving pet names to our team members. Director has interesting (read: deplorable) sense of humor so please be prepared


  1. Two to four years of working experience relevant to the role; minimally a degree holder in any field from an accredited tertiary institution; bonus (but not required) if in education, psychology, social work, sustainable development or equivalent.

  2. If work experience is not directly relevant to the role, then the candidate must have substantial personal experience working in and with communities, and especially with Singapore communities.

  3. Some of your work experience must involve leadership and management of teams in projects (i.e. not just solo work all the time!)

  4. Established in Project Management, especially with local and overseas community projects - This involves end to end design, management and execution of community projects, and ability to coordinate multiple stakeholders and critical details such as budgets, timings and logistics. Basically you are the person that everyone relies on to plan and execute a trip perfectly, and have done so several times.

  5. Experience working in China, or having collaborated with Chinese partners

  6. Networks in Singapore communities required; Some experience in SE Asia a must, especially in rural, non-touristy areas.


  1. Facilitation skills especially with Youth - People-person who enjoys facilitating groups of youth and derives satisfaction from spending lots of time with them on trips 24/7 and nurturing them!

  2. Excellence in Microsoft Office / Google suite, especially word processing and spreadsheets

  3. Strong written and oral communication skills with full fluency (written and spoken) in English, and some proficiency in Chinese (Spoken Mandarin and able to read Mandarin)

  4. Third language ability (e.g. in Khmer, Thai or any other SE Asian language) a bonus

  5. Knowledge and use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

  6. Photography, photo editing and video editing skills would be a real bonus, but not required

  7. First-aid certification

As we have a long term vision for this position, as mentioned at the open, we seek your understanding that we will only consider Singaporeans or Permanent Residents.

Intended Start Date: 1st June/1st July 2019

What’s Next?

Kindly email the following to hema@skillseed.sg by Wed 22 May 2019, 12 noon:

  1. Cover Letter stating

    1. MBTI: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

    2. Tendency: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4232520/gretchenrubinfourtendenciesquiz

  2. CV

  3. Any other materials that you feel may help your application

While we will do our best to respond to every single candidate, we seek your understanding if a personalized response is not always possible due to the volume of applications received. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your applications!


As a growing social enterprise, we view our volunteers as crucial team members. We have a myriad of roles for volunteers to take on, according to where your interests and skills lie - this could mean delving right into the heart of our work and helping to facilitate our courses and projects, or contributing behind-the-scenes with our marketing or administrative needs.

We previously had a volunteer partnership program with Yale-NUS College, and had their bright, young students with us (take a look at what they worked on here). 

We presently welcome volunteers from all walks of life, and would love to speak to you if you are keen. Please take 5 minutes to complete the form below, so that we can get to know you a little better. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


There are currently no volunteer positions available. Stay updated on opportunities via our social media platforms.