— Nils Olson, Vice Dean of the Affiliated High School of Peking University (Teacher chaperone for Social Innovation, Singapore)

we worked with in 2016 enjoyed working with Skillseed and would recommend us to other organizations or schools.


"Being here gave me even more hope that students and future generations can make positive impacts on the world.

... Thanks for everything! I personally really enjoyed this experience and thought it was a great chance for students to learn first hand about the importance of environmentalism. I look forward for future groups of students to take part in this amazing opportunity." 

- Alex Sicurella, Affiliated High School of Peking University, (Teacher chaperone for Environmental Stewardship, Bali)

"Getting connected to Skillseed was one of the most important steps our programme has taken toward achieving our goals of progressive education in China. We have high hopes for what we can achieve in experiential learning, and Skillseed has helped show the way to potential opportunities. Skillseed maintained clear communication, supported our development, and engaged meaningfully to determine the future course of our cooperation.

Throughout our collaboration, Skillseed's staff demonstrated an incredible commitment to our school through consistent communication and support. As we planned our last trip to Bali, they remained in close contact through Skype, email, phone, and in-person meetings (both on-site and in Beijing). Close communication helped iron out any potential gaps in expectations between our students and parents in Beijing and an organisation in Indonesia staffed with professionals from around the world. Skillseed also went well beyond simply passing along messages. They were consistently flexible, patient, and innovative when confronted with unforeseen challenges. 

After the trip, Skillseed’s follow up visit to Beijing not only helped both sides reflect on the trip’s planning and execution, but also helped push other initiatives forward. They arrived prepared to offer meaningful data and feedback that helped us put our trip in perspective. It included frank feedback from the organisation in Indonesia, a data-driven assessment of the real impact our students had during their stay, suggestions for steps our students could take to follow up with their experience, and constructive suggestions for improving our collaboration.

Skillseed staff also provided insight about potential future projects (in Africa, for example, which is an area both they and our school hope to explore) and initiatives within our own school community. When Huijia came to Beijing she told me about BYO, short for “Bring Your Own,” an eco-friendly coffee shop she had initiated at Yale University. When the time came last month to reevaluate the direction of the student-run cafe on campus, her ideas inspired a reorganisation here on campus.

“More so than any of our other partners, Skillseed has modelled top-notch professionalism that extends from interpersonal communication to the trip planning process."

Jared Hall, Associate Dean at the Affiliated High School of Peking University (accompanied students on the Biosphere Environmental Course in 2013)


from 9 different courses in 2015 stated benefits to their learning from the experts engaged.

in 2016 indicated that they would recommend Skillseed's courses to others.

for our facilitators in 2016!

To all the people who have made this trip all the more worthwhile! Thanks for the amazing company, the great laughs and the many insightful conversations along the way. It’s always inspiring and encouraging to meet people from diverse backgrounds with so many different and interesting opinions and perspectives, yet also with similar interests and a genuine desire to see and create change. Thanks for broadening my perspectives and stimulating my curiosity. Also shoutout to Skillseed for the amazing programme and facilitators!!!
— Diandrea Ho (right), TAF Chiang Mai Adventurous Fellow and current university student
I feel more compelled to volunteer now, after seeing how passionate some of the people in San Francisco were about their social missions. Before, I just felt like...there’s no point trying to make a positive impact because it won’t work. But now my perspective has changed, I feel motivated to make a difference in the world in my own way.
— Leong Shuen-Yi Shannen, Methodist Girls' School, participant in Social Entrepreneurship 2016

“The trip was truly amazing! As I have said, it's probably the best trip I've ever went on. Here, I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the organisers and our teachers. Thank you all for what we've learned throughout the trip. You guys are the best teachers. Thank you all for the [care] and friendship we've built throughout the trip. It's unforgettable and will always be a part of my memory.”

- Eric Zhu, Keystone Academy Beijing, participant in Design for Good 2018

"I learnt that you're never too young to make a difference and if I have an interest in a certain field I ought to take the initiative to search for a suitable organisation. However, it also reminded me that when volunteering, the most important aspects are passion and commitment. Personally, what set certain entrepreneurs and organisations apart during this trip were their sincerity and love for what they were doing. They taught me that if I want to volunteer, i ought to really put in my all and care for the cause."

- Goh Keyi Chloe, Methodist Girls' School, participant in Social Entrepreneurship 2016

"It made me consider ever doing jobs in the future that were for social causes, which was something I had never considered before. Hearing from the tour guides from Local Alike, the founder of the Akha Ama coffee, as well as the Skillseed staff following us made me realise that helping via organisations was more impactful than I had realised, given that I was always reserved towards the idea as I felt it was helping from a distance”

- Kathleen Ng Shee Min, Methodist Girls' School, participant in Food for Futures 2016


From a Chinese parent:


- 关颜松妈妈,Mother of participant from Creatives x Alternatives, London 2017


"I decided to send both of my children, Nicole, who is nineteen and studying in Yale-NUS College, and Nathaniel, who is sixteen and studying in School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA), on the Film For Good programme so as to let them have a different kind of year-end holiday.

"Being their parents, we felt that it would be a valuable learning experience for them, exposing them to a different culture and environment to see the needs of others and to learn the value of empathy. We thought it would be a life-changing experience for them as life in Singapore can be too comfortable.

"Getting to learn the basics of filming on the trip was definitely a highlight of the programme as I felt it was really useful for them to learn a new skill and even explore potential career options. Going together as a brother and sister team also meant bonding time, while working with a big team also helps foster team spirit.

"After nine days in Vietnam, both Nicole and Nathaniel concluded that it was a rewarding experience. Although they were bitten by many mosquitoes and even fell ill halfway during the trip, they were able to rise up and have a never-say-die attitude. Presenting their work on stage to an audience about their films during the screening was also a new experience for them. I was proud of them as I could witness them beaming cheek to cheek, full of pride for what they had done. For me, I felt that it was indeed money well spent on a different kind of holiday which brought back many invaluable returns."

- Phyllis Yeo, mother of Nicole and Nathaniel Lim, participants in Skillseed's Film For Good Course in 2014


2 Day Training Program on Design Thinking (DT) & Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) in Jan 2016 for SMU Staff

In Jan 2016, Skillseed was honored to have conducted training in DT and ABCD for the lovely staff of SMU who hailed from various departments such as C4SR (Centre for Social Responsibility), Lien Center for Social Innovation and the Co-Curricular Development and the Office of Student Life. We had a blast sharing and engaging with a forward-thinking, passionate and caring group of staff who are very committed to helping their students further their social impact. 

Many thanks to Devi and Jacqueline for inviting us and we look forward to more of such wonderful collaborations ahead!

This is what some of the participants had to say about our workshop:

I found the Skillseed training to be extraordinarily helpful not only to gain solid grounding in the game-changing tools of design thinking and asset-based community development, but also to facilitate much needed conversations among the different teams present. Through extremely effective facilitation and tasteful insertion of real-world experience, the Skillseed team has helped us take our work to the next level.
— Christian Petroske, Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore Management University
I have often found many community initiatives or projects to be lacking in the alignment of objectives and an integrated approach leading to mismatch of means and ends, but I still do not know exactly how to piece all the parts and processes together. Thanks to skilful Skillseed folks Hui Jia and Wilson for opening our eyes, hearts and minds through many Aha moments during the workshop that I am now illuminated! I look forward to getting a head start for the exciting journey of integrating DT and ABCD for social impact. It is high time to get to the bottom of why things are, how we can make things happen, then what actually needs to be done in that order, and not the other way around. Love the humility and humour of our trainers!
— Jacqueline Tan, Centre for Social Responsibility, Singapore Management University


We need more programmes like Skillseed, because when participants are immersed into a culture, into the community, into real hands-on work, when they graduate from the program, they are then real advocates for social change. And that is what the world needs now.
— Pamela Yeo, Founder & CEO of Saught