Go deep into the inner workings of the Singapore 'miracle' - gain access to a wealth of knowledge, expertise and inspiration, equip yourself with the tools for your journey, and prototype solutions that make an impact. Whether you're seeking to address a need in your community, an area of potential in your organisation, or a concrete way to make your vision a reality, go #glocal - empower your students or team as global citizens, ready to take on the most pressing challenges in their own community.

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  • social innovation bootcamp

  • social impact toolkit

  • service learning toolkit (workshops)

social innovation bootcamps & learning journeys (residential)

Challenge what you know about the world around you - through hands-on workshops, community trails, and meetings with local change-makers, build perspectives and learn to identify the issues beneath the surface. Build up your own toolkit of knowledge, frameworks, inspiration and tools that will enable you to design, implement, and evaluate innovative solutions to social challenges!


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"I have always wanted to be a social scientist, so this course really corresponds with my interests. I understood more about the hidden problems of Singaporean communities that other tourists or even local people might have ignored. Workshops gave me a better understanding about issues, and I comprehend the importance of solving them through my personal experience"

social impact toolkit

Build your capacity to innovate and make an impact that sustains - cultivate creative confidence, encourage entrepreneurial dare, empathise with your stakeholders, learn to identify assets, and work together for sustainable solutions! Be your own curator from our suite of offerings, or opt for the whole package for a comprehensive training in an entrepreneurial approach to social impact.


Design Thinking

A human-centric approach to crafting solutions addressing identified needs

Social Business Model Canvas 

A collaborative tool for creating and communicating models for the sustainability of social impact initiatives

Theory of Change

Defining long-term goals and mapping them backwards to identify the necessary preconditions

Logic Model 

Presenting logical relationships between input and output for various stakeholders to measure impact and effectiveness

Asset-Based Community Development

An applied methodology for development, sustained and anchored by communities diverse assets


service-learning toolkit*

The Skillseed Experience begins with comprehensive pre-trip training: Tailored to each school's educational objectives and targeted outcomes of each international learning journey, our S-L toolkit arms students with the necessary sensitivities, competencies, and contextual awareness to maximise their time and impact in host communities.

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responsible tourism

Grapple with your impact and responsibilities as a traveller - learn to manage your power and privilege respectfully, and how choices - however small - make an impact

cultural competence

An introduction to the culture of the host country from a local - pick up the basics of the language, understand the 'do's and don'ts', and gain exposure to its sights, sounds, and flavours


from the field

Learn from practitioners who work on the ground and walk the talk as leaders in their field. Go behind the scenes of your aspiration and gain access to role models making a difference

empathy exercises

Bespoke exercises exploring the complexities of privilege, diversity and identity, cultivating empathy between individuals, within teams and across borders


scenario planning

When travelling - expect the unexpected! This workshop projects participants into their journey beyond their comfort zone, challenging them to manage unforeseen situations empathetically empathetically and respectfully

* The S-L Toolkit is included as a core component of all Skillseed overseas learning journeys departing from Singapore! Schools not engaging us for the overseas component of their programmes are still encouraged to work with us to prepare their students for their S-L endeavours, drawing on the modules in Skillseed's S-L toolkit.

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